If you miss the glory days of pheasant hunting, or have a youngster that you would like to expose to wing shooting, consider booking a hunt.

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Dry Valley Farm Storage

Dry Valley Farm has inside or outside storage for your Automobile, Boat, Camper, Motorhome, Snowmobile, Jetski or anything large that you just don't have room for around your home. Check out the Monthly storage rental prices! If you need more information call (570) 524-4915 or (570) 713-8986.

Storage PictureStorage Prices
Automobiles $40.00
Boats $50.00
Campers $50.00
Two Trailer Snowmobile or Jetski $50.00
Motorhomes $50.00

All storage items should be insured and owners will assume all liability. Any damages to your personal property is not the liability of Dry Valley Farm. Call for additional information.