If you miss the glory days of pheasant hunting, or have a youngster that you would like to expose to wing shooting, consider booking a hunt.

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Dry Valley Farm - Bird Hunter's Paradise
(Expo 2008 issue of Valley Outdoors)

Valley Outdoors/Larry Hendricks (Outdoor Writer) Preserve owner, Dave Showers, is shown here with a chukar being prepared for release. (photo by Karen Hendricks)Those of you that know me are well aware of my passion for wing shooting. With this in mind it should be no surprise to learn that when Dave Showers, owner of Dry Valley Farm, offered me an opportunity to spend a day pursuing chukars on his preserve I jumped at the chance.
     I've hunted with Dave several times in the past and knew the day would be a treat. With that in mind I invited my wife Karen, daughter Jamie, my father Lawrence and a long time hunting buddy Sam Smith to join me. Oh, and I mustn't forget Sophie, Sam's young German Shorthair pointer. Though under a year old, Sophie has already proven herself as a hardworking hunting machine.
Excellent cover insures hunters of a challenging hunt.     As expected, we had a great hunt. Sophie did her part by making some beautiful classic points. Chukars tend to hold tight, allowing hunters to walk right by, and if it hadn't been for Sophie's keen nose I'm sure finding the birds would have been much tougher. Once flushed, chukars are fast flyers, offering wing shooters a very challenging target. Not only did Sophie do an excellent job of finding and pointing the tightsitting chukars, but she also located several pheasants for us.
     When was the last time you spent the day enjoying the exciting sport of wing shooting? Let's face it, locally opportunities are few and many of us don't have the time or funds to travel to the mid-west where birds are more plentiful. With this in mind, operations like Dry Valley Farm are the answer to a wing shooter's prayer.
Dry Valley Farm offers both chukars and pheasants.     Did I mention how much I enjoyed hunting with a dog? There's nothing like a well-mannered hunting dog to add joy to you pursuit. Unfortunately, experienced dogs are few and far between in our area simply because of a lack of wild birds. A visit to Dave's not only ensures an opportunity for a dog to get the experience it needs to become a good hunter, but the season is much longer than that open to the general public. Typically Pennsylvania's preserve bird hunting season runs from the beginning of September to the end of April. This liberal season allows even the busiest hunter to find time for a visit or two.
Dry Valley Farm offers both chukars and pheasants. (photo by Karen Hendricks)     Another added feature is the guarantee of no crowds. Dry Valley Farm allows only one hunting party at a time. Anyone who has experienced the opening day of pheasant season on State Game Lands knows what a great advantage having a well-maintained farm all to yourself would be.
     Be sure to stop by the Dry Valley Farm booth at the expo and visit with Dave. I'm sure he would be more than happy to answer any question you might have. One last thing for those of you that have never hunted chukars - not only are they great fun to hunt, they're absolutely delicious!



Sam Smith, Sophie, Larry, Karen and Jamie Hendricks. (photo by Dave Showers) Sophie (photo by Karen Hendricks)

Shown here are Sam Smith (kneeling) with his dog Sophie, along with (standing) Larry, Karen and Jamie Hendricks with some of the birds harvested during a recent visit to Dry Valley Farm. Picture to the right is none other than Sophie.

(Larry Hendricks is an avid outdoorsman from Union County)
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